Extract value from JSON

Hi ,

I trying to get all values in label field under recipe under hits.

Sharing the code

snapshot of json :

Json response is lengthy, thus couldn’t share it here.

Your input is highly appreciable.

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To be able to give you any meaningful suggestions we need to see the JSON. You can save it to a TXT file and upload it in your post or provide the URL that you use to produce this JSON so that who ever wants to see how to help will need to exeute the URL and get the JSON.


jsonresponse.txt (247.3 KB)
Thank you for your suggestion Muneer.

Have attached Json response.

Your blocks look correct and should work as long as the API server is generating a response. What is the value of the green error block when you preview the project?

You can also try (temporarily) replacing the green response block with a text block and pasting in the contents of the txt file you posted. That should also work as a test.

I couldn’t preview the demo I made because of this problem.

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I was able to publish my demo as a web app and confirm that these blocks – which are basically the same as yours – work fine:

I’m not able to keep it published but once we can preview projects in the browser again, you can test yours and check the value of the error block as I suggested above.

You can also use these blocks as a shortcut:


Its working now with the same block and no changes made:)

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Is it possible to display the image via image url from Json response?

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Yes, you can. You just need to add an image component and when parsing the response get the URL and assign it to the image URL.

I am able to get the URL but the image is not displaying. Sharing the block. Is it correct?

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What would happen if you copy the content and enter it in the browser? Does it show the image?

Yes Muneer. What I realized now is…Either Thunkable is slow or Json hit is slow. After several hits , I could see the expected output that too after seeking guidance from you.

Thank you so much for your time and guidance.

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