User Submitted Image Gallery

Hi everyone,

I wanted to create a user-submitted image gallery with titles and descriptions, almost like Instagram but without the messaging. I was thinking of using airtable to allow my users to submit their content there and then display that table with a data viewer grid on a screen on my app. I was wondering how I can actually get my airtable form as a screen on my app so users can submit their posts? Also, am I going about this the wrong way while trying to create this? Any help would be appreciated! Iā€™m still very new to Thunkable.

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Hey @ramadh, welcome to the community :wave:

We have a tutorial for doing something quite similar here, but we used a different approach:

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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Thank you very much! I actually did see that video and it was almost what I was looking for, but is there a way of creating it where when a user adds a picture, it just keeps going as a list and you can scroll through to see what others have put. I know for that app, images would replace each other and the only way to save an image was to screenshot it.

You could do this with a list.

If you use the insert at first list block to keep the feed continually updating:

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Okay, sounds good, Ill try that out and let you know if I am able to get what I wanted! Thanks again!

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Great, hope it works for you @ramadh!