User Session Data

Looking to capture user data for:

  • Number of sessions
  • Session duration
    -Time on page

Any tips on how to do this? We are using firebase.

Note: The app has not been published yet. Users are testing it via APK or iOS download

Hey @somamendbjj

you can initialize a stored variable with the name NumberOfSessions (only suggesting a name)
and then you can have it like when the screen starts set stored variable NumberOfSessions to + 1
and you can call it in a label with set label 1 text to join Number Of Sessions:, and the variable

Thanks, :smile: I’ll check with the session duration and get back @somamendbjj

use the clock component for user session duration

Hey @somamendbjj i made a sample app for you

Hope it helped :smiley:

Thanks :yum:

Yeah, I’ve thought about doing something like this but what I actually want is to integrate with firebase analytics, but thank you!

Hey I think you can store it in a realtime database in firebase if you are using user authentication

Is that what you want to do @somamendbjj