Need help with linking app with user login

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I am a middle school student working on first time building an app and have already created a login screen (connecting to firebase) but now with our app we want to add options for a user to track how much points they earn each week so they can see their scores accumulate over time etc. And also something like a leaderboard. How do I go about even figuring out how to code that connection so the app knows when each user logs in how to customize their information (points, pics etc.) to only show when they login and accumulate? Even if we add a survey how would that show points and relevant content only to them? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

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Something like a stored variable would be nice a nice way of keeping user specific information stored on their device.

Thanks tried creating a variable but does that also mean if I am already connected to a firebase db it should show up there? It is not :frowning: Also here is my code snippet where when user clicks on green button (draft page) points accumulate below but no idea how to link that to a specific logged in user and accumulate in their account and show cumulative? Any help will be appreciated. This is for a school project.


I could help