How to save amount of time spent in the app by a User and save it to User's profile in the cloud

Hello, i have a question.

I want to save the total time spent by the user from the time he/she opens the app.

Suppose i spent 12 minutes yesterday and 20 minutes today.
Then i wantr to display that the user has spent a total of 32 minutes using the app. Pls can someone help me?

Thank you.

Hi, was anyone able to find a solution to this? Iā€™m still not understanding saving the time after each session and the updating the time after each new session

I think you would have to use a timer (or a forever loop) and increase a stored variable every second. Then you could just display that value, converted to minutes, in a label.

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Oh okay. Please can you show me an example of how to do this? If you could send a screenshot of the logic it would be immensely helpful. Thanks.

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