Uploading to Apple App Store

I’ve really messed up some things on my App Store Connect account.

I didn’t know originally I was really only supposed to create like 1 certificate, and that there’s a limit of 3 (for the iOS Distribution App Store and Ad Hoc option)

I’ve created a ton of identifiers (again because I didn’t know what I was doing) and I can’t get rid of them all bc they require the app to be deleted, however most of them actually have no app tied to them so I can’t delete them. I reached out to Apple support to no avail.

I don’t really know what to do with the provisioning profiles, I have 1 for each of the 3 apps I’ve published to the App Store, but it’s a huge pain having to go in and change them around and set the proper certificate or identifier for each one, again because I messed them all up in the beginning.

I have successfully published 3 apps so far but it’s terribly difficult to publish updates because of how I originally messed everything up. I constantly get the “Oops! Your app was not sent successfully to App Store Connect” emails.

Is there someone who understand the ins and outs of the certs, IDs, & profiles portion of the Apple Developer account who can help me out with this?

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I decided to go with the move fast and break things method, which has worked ok actually. Helped me learn how to organize the different pieces and stages of uploading to the App Store.

You kinda can’t permanently mess anything up.

If you do make a mess similar to mine, just start again by beginning to publish your app from Thunkable, and then on the 2nd step download the CSR and upload it on your developer account from Apple. After this you’re supposed to upload the CSR into your certificate, (the problem I had was that I had already created 3 certificates, just revoke one of them) then recreate a Certificate and upload your newly created CSR from Thunkable. That was the key that I was missing.

I already had the profiles created, you can just go into your provisioning profile and click edit, then make sure you choose the right App ID and the right certificate (the one you just created).

Once I did this everything worked.

All you should know about the certificates, at least in my case, is that they’re there as a security measure it seems. You really only need 1 iOS distribution certificate I think in most cases.

Hope this helps anyone ever in a similar situation.