Publish update with push notification

I cant find out how to update an app that already is on App store/testflight with push certicat.
I have already uploadet the app everything works. Now I have made a update. Can I use the old Certificate and Identifier??? And how about the Profile???
I like to awoid making new push certificate to uploade on onesignal also.

You should be able to use the same certificates that you used previously. When you publish to the store, make sure the bundle name matches what you used for the already published app. This is important!

Then you go to AppStoreConnect and choose that build. I thought about posting a tutorial for updating apps. Maybe this weekend??

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Thanks. I really like to se that turturial.
But can you tell me short the order to make the update. You wrote I could use the same certificate. What about the identifier and do I have to make a new provision profile.

Hi jgibb i really hope that you have the time to make a turturial this week.
I dont wanna mess it up when I upload the new version.
Can you maybe tell me what Certificat that is influencing the Push certificat???