[Solved] Apple Distribution certificate & profile for TestFlight?

It’s been a while since I’ve published an app and I’ve had my iOS app publishing fail twice. I think I must have the wrong combination of certificate and provisioning profile. I want to be able to use the app in TestFlight.

I did follow the step-by-step directions in Thunkable but unfortunately, they don’t specify the types I need.

Any suggestions?



The process of creating the certificate and provisioning profile for TestFlight is the same as is to publishing your app described in our docs.

The documentation doesn’t go into detail. For example, when faced with the choice of what type of profile, it just shows this:

I tried Ad Hoc. Now I’m going to try App Store. Apple’s documentation says to use “App Store Connect” but that’s not an option.

Edit: that did not work either.

@tatiang It says to select App Store.

I understand your frustration on this, the best you can do is to delete all of the certificates and provisioning profiles and create them again.


Oh wow. I had no idea those tabs were live! I thought they were just screenshots. The fact that I can click on “Step 1”, “Step 2” etc. means there’s a ton of info I missed. Thank you, I’ll go back and read through that.

After carefully following the step-by-step directions (with tabs!), I was able to upload it to App Store Connect. I did get the “Missing Push Notification Entitlement” email from Apple but it seems to have still gone through.

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