Upload images to FTP server

Currently, is the only way to upload an image using Thunkable X is for it to go through Cloudinary?
I know that I can upload to Cloudinary and then use the media URL to copy (or send ) the image to somewhere else. But the question is does every image have to go through Cloudinary using Media_DB?

Thunkable X is amazing and I want to develop on this platform but I would like to be able to send images directly to an FTP server. Possible? If not, in the future maybe?


If you have an API set up on your server, you can likely do this with an API POST. Not that I know how to do that, but I’m fairly certain it’s dooable.

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You could also use something like Amazon S3? That’s if price is an issue!

I’ve had little experience with FTP but I doubt it would work with the API component because they are different.