Upload photos to my own server

My App takes photos. I don’t need to store them locally. I need to upload the photo to my own Server.

I don’t want to use cloudinary or google sheet.

Is there a FTP Block ? Can I use WebViewer or Web API ?

I have been searching and reading for the last 2 hours.

Thank you in advance !!

Cloudinary is the easiest and most flexible way to do this. It’s not super fast, though.

If you wanted to use an API to store them on your own server then you’d need to provide the endpoint documentation for that and someone here could help you. But I’m not aware of an API that generically stores images wherever you want.

Is there a reason you’re not wanting to use Cloudinary?

Thank you for your response.

I don’t wish to use a paid service. I can host all media on my server. If and when this App grows to be a Paid Membership type, then I will consider using a third party premium service.

I can create a Rest API script on my side but don’t know how to POST from Thunkable. If use POST for Login etc etc but not to upload a binary file.

Any ideas ?

Thanks Again Tatiang !!

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It’s not super easy to run POST commands but it’s certainly possible. Here’s an example of someone trying to work out a way: WEB API Firebase Storage It does not upload the file to the server

Thank you. Will try and let you know.


Of course you can. You can also use HTML to upload your files to your server.

This will read an image file and {{upload}} it to the app but you can save it anywhere you decide to. Use it from a mobile device and click Choose File to select the file.

This is another sample to save the image to Google Drive