Unused screen with blocks: Is this a bug risk at build?

If I have a screen in development which has components and blocks, but I am not sure whether to use it or not, I can direct navigation around it. It is isolated from the flow (something like commenting out a bit of code that you don’t want to use OR delete). But, is this a potential source of bugs for a built app? Is it better to just delete the screen, or save it to myScreens? I have asked this question before but it got buried in lots of other issues that were happening at that time. Thus, there was never an answer.

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There shouldn’t be any problem with an extra non-visitable screen as long as you don’t have things like variable definitions that conflict with other screens or blocks that affect code on other screens.

So I would say no harm keeping it. It shouldn’t introduce bugs. But in terms of efficiency, you’d probably want to delete it from the completed app if it’s really not needed.


It makes sense to save the screen separately when its functionality can be used in different projects. Otherwise, it is better to leave the screen in this project, but make a copy of this project without this screen before publishing it. This way, you will always have a project version to work with and debug, and a clean version to publish. You should not leave an unnecessary screen in the published app.


Great. Thanks for the tips.