Undeletable components

Hi all,

I have been cobbling together a new app from bits of old ones. In doing so, I duplicated some screens from the old apps and pasted them into the new app. I was aware that I’d have some tidying up to do but figured it would still be faster than a new build. So, I ran into the problem some other people have discussed about getting duplicated unwanted components. Herein lies my problem. I have something like 250 sound components (all “Sound1”). These unwanted components will not delete either from the left pane or the right pane using the Trash Can icons. Further, these components refuse to be renamed.
Ideally, I would like to select them all and delete in one click but that feature is not available. So I have been slowly deleting them, one at a time for about 30 minutes…and just realized that although they appear to be being deleted, the list is not getting any shorter.
Frustrating stuff. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Can anyone propose a shortcut to getting rid of so many components?


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Excuse my error described above. It turned out that the delete function was actually working but with the editor running very slowly (too many components?) and the awkward scrolling panes (left and center) it was actually difficult to to count the components and actually see any difference to the list despite having spent a lot of time deleting. I invested more time, and eventually some progress became evident.
I’m not sure I have learned how to avoid this happening again though. Obviously, it’s nice to be able to borrow screens from other projects but if this is the result, I am not sure it’s so nice after all.

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The save/restore screen feature is definitely useful and definitely something I consider to be a “use at your own risk” feature. I’m especially careful about not copying variable initialize blocks. Once that feature was released, I started initializing all variables on a single screen so that if I ever copy another screen in my project, I don’t end up duplicating initialize blocks.


Great tip, there.
That’s something else I had better sift through carefully.