Unstable global variables

I am now correcting someone else’s project and almost got a heart attack from what happened when using a global variable like app. The blocks from one screen themselves were copied to another screen, and the block of one global variable could not be deleted until the project was restarted.

I have too much gray hair to use global variables before fixing all the associated bugs.

@actech, what do you mean when you say that you saw blocks getting copied from one screen to another? And can you describe what exactly you were doing before the copy occurred?

Similarly can you give some more details on the deletion problem? What exactly happened when you tried to delete the block?


I opened a project in remix mode in which there were 3 screens. I first worked on screen 1, then created the logic on screen 2. Then on screen 1, I added a global variable of type “app”, assigned its value and switched to screen 2 to use this variable. But when I open screen 2, it turned out like this: all the blocks created earlier on this screen went away and instead of them all the blocks that I had on screen 1 appeared, including the global variable block. I was able to remove all the blocks except the global variable block. It seemed to be stuck on the working field. When the project was restarted, this variable was deleted and in order to avoid the repetition of the problem, I began to use variables of the old type. After this, there were no problems with the project.


That’s very strange, @actech. We’ll look in to it, but it’s going to be hard to do without a set of steps that can reliably reproduce the problem.


If this error happens to me again, then I will not hurry and take all the screenshots. Today I was faced with the impossibility of saving the project due to the achievement of the size of the account. Perhaps the failure of the project that I had somehow connected with this. I will try to experiment with this again.