How to delete variables still present after their deletion?

Hello, I have a little problem, I have deleted some APP variables but they are still present in the variables, but when I go to the phone in view block they are not there.

Do you have an idea how to fix it?

How did you delete them? Did you delete their initialize blocks? Or were they created as inputs to functions?

Yes I deleted their initialization block, they are not function or loop variables.

But it seems to me that when I created these variables I duplicated an existing variable so it probably caused a bug.

Did you import any saved screens with initialized variables in the imported screen?

Yes Eddie. I have the same problem. Do you know how to fix it?

I didn’t like what was happening with variables when I duplicated screens (used a saved screen as a new screen) so ever since I’ve been creating an “Initialize Variables” screen where I create all of my new variables. I only put variables on that screen. That way, as I design interfaces on other screens, I can save and re-use them without the variables getting duplicated.

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No unfortunately I don’t have a fix but I have been doing exactly what @tatiang has described as a prevention.

I did manage to get rid of some of them by re-importing the culprit screens and deleting the duplicated initialized variables from them then removing the screens again but this is not an actual fix.

Thunkable staff have not offered any comments on this even after being asked to do so on more than one occasion. So much for expedited Pro support. You will find other threads surrounding this very issue.

Yes i have import saved screens with initialized variables in the imported screen.
Ah so unfortunately I can only restart my project?

Well finally I just reimported the screen with the variables in question, right click delete all the blocks and voila that all disappeared! :smiley: