Bug in Variable Creating in thunkable X platform


I found bug in thunkable x platform while creating variables.

first is if I duplicate initialize variable block of any one variable, I had used previously ( Consider it as Source Variable ). then it duplicate block but after rename to this variable( consider it as new variable). then it automatically change the name of my previously used variable(Source Variable) in my all project where I was used it. And due to this I had again recheck my all block where I had used my source variable and need to change this variable again but it very difficult to find all used variable in large project because it need to find each variable in all project and makes change in what ever change due creating duplicate variables.

second If I dont use duplicate variable and create new variable by taking initialize variable block from left menus of variable section and drag to block screen and assign name to this variable then in this case it automatically changing name of all variable I had used which had starting letter as same as new assign name starting letter due to this bugs I had to again recheck my variable in my all project and again need to make change as per previously.

Hope You will understand Fix the issue. I think I tried my best to explain this error.

please comment if you also facing this issue.

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