App variables getting auto-swapped


I’m building my first app and relying on variables to feed from previous pages into different results pages. However, I’m noticing that the variable blocks will automatically change themselves without being prompted (screenshot below). If you notice, all values under “Timber_StumpRemoval” should be set to variables with a leading “TSR”, but for some reason, Thunkable changes them at random, and it’s a pain to switch back (also because I never know when it actually happens until it’s too late).

Any suggestions? Is there s ome sort of variable amount limit?

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I’ve never heard of this happening. Can you post a link to your project?

So I noticed sometimes if you copy an already named variable and rename the copy, it sometimes it will change the wrong variable. The best thing to do is grab a new blank variable out of the drawer. Its weird and hard to replicate.

i noticed that the first time - in my first set of pages it was really nice because there was almost this “autofill”-esque feature that saved time. however, i noticed that when i was grabbing variables out of the variables drawer, like “set (app variable blahblah)” it doesn’t actually display all of my variables…

sure! here’s the shareable link:

when i’ve had to change it back, sometimes there appears to be a “limit” to the number of variables i can see - i have to go back to where the variable is declared, edit the name to make it show up again, reselect it from the dropdown menu, and then physically move it to get it to show the correct variable name.

ex: it will change from “TD_Selected_Explosive” to “TSR_Selected_Explosive”. I have to go back to where “TD_Selected_Explosive” is declared, change the name by adding (then deleting) a character, go back to the Results page, change it in the dropdown, then click and drag it off-drag it back in to get the var name to change. very strange.

here’s a perfect example. i was trying to run this to test but it wouldn’t populate the results page - i had to click into this to find out why.

Screenshot 2024-01-19 065316