Variables not working (possible bug) - show 7839df42.... instead of the given name


Am trying to create an app : Thunkable . One of the parts is a simple audio playing button. On click it should Play and when clicked again it should Pause and clicked again it should Resume. I made a variable storyPl but its not working in the mobile (android OS … the app is updated). When I did View Code in the mobile app it showed strange alphanumeric name for the variable (See attached screenshot) and when I tried choosing the right name from drop down - it gave an error to use “valid variable name” and the app wont work at all thereafter.

Plz help with the same.


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Hi @rajat.dhariwal Thanks for bringing this to the community, we welcome you! :wave:

My first concern when looking at your code is this
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 12.29.58 PM

do you see the red triangle? That means there is an error. Potentially you erased the initialization block for variable app flipPL?

first, make that triangle (error) go away. then try your entire project again.

Thanks Jared. I included the code with those errors to show the error in the screenshot, as I mentioned. Anyways I got help from a friend and sorted it out. It was mainly the way Thunkable uses [app->“Text”] to refer to variable name rather than a constant string value (which is just “Text”), which is confusing.

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NP. Glad you found a solution to your problem!