If I change the name after the variable's name, all the variables that match the first subname will be replaced by the newly created variable

There was a variable called [todayreview].
I created a new variable.
t [odayreviewStart].
As a result, all existing variables called todayreview have been replaced by todayreviewStrart.
Dozens of variables are distributed in several places, and all the blocks had to be read and changed from start to finish.
Is there another way?
This feature has solved the difficulties many times.
Can’t turn off this feature?
Replaces an existing variable without any prediction at all.

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Did you copy / duplicate an existing variable? There is a known bug when you duplicate a variable and change its name the original will also change :confused:

bets, Chris

I did not copy
I entered from the beginning.

well this is weird… For better understanding: you had an existing variable “todayreview” and created a new one without copying any block that you called “todayreviewStart” and it replaced the “todayreview”?

Best, Chris

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Hey @mom7667yafy - this is a known issue and it due to be fixed in an upcoming release.

Thanks for bearing with us during these changes!

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It’s a bug. It was hard.

I have a request. Because there are many variables (about 100), it’s hard to work hard because it is almost too slow to make variables. It’s hard to even enter a variable.

I think it’s because I’m checking if it’s the same as an existing variable if I enter only one letter into the variable.

At the end of the variable input, if such a review is made, it might be a little faster.