Unable to rename tables in Local Datasource

I raised this before and did not get a suitable answer - When I create a local datasource, the first table is Table 1.

Sometimes when I click + nothing happens so if I end up clicking it 3 times in quick succession I end up with multiple tables named Table 2 which cannot be renamed.

Why can’t tables be renamed since columns can be?

There also seems to be a bug with the table names as I have this now from a project that I copied -

2024-01-12 21-05-55

@matt_conroy @ioannis

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Hello @steve_synopsis
Sorry to see you are having issues with your local data source
The correct way to have multiple tables is here:
This way will be able to rename them.


That is for the database, but I am speaking about the tables as below -

2024-01-15 20-31-49

How can I rename Table 1 to something more relevant to my app?

Strangely though, I copied this project which has tables named PickupInfo and ConfirmedPickup but when I create new tables they all have the name Table NaN.

This cannot be correct behaivour.

Hello @maggik555bydwc
Thanks for sharing more information. We have flag it to our engineering team and provide an update as soon as possible.