Data sources related to "your own table"

I’ve 2 questions related to Data Source:

  1. is it possible to have 2 (or more) Data Source on the same screen: if yes, how should I proceed?
  2. I’m using “Create your own table” and I see that this table is always named “Table 1”, Is there a way to keep the name of the Data Source but with another table referenced “Table 2”.
    Thks in advance for reading and, maybe, answering…
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In your screen you will access the data source by data viewer list or grid. You can put 2 or more in one screen and connect each with a different data source.

OK. Fine!
And I can play with the “visibility” of the data viewer list !
Hence you’ve solved my first question. Thks.

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Currently the table name “Table 1” cannot be changed. Maybe in future enhancement of the UI, Thunkable may look into allowing this.