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I have a Data List viewer and I would like to change the “Table’s name” as needed. In particular, I understand that to achieve this I should use multiple Data List Viewers - however, I have 100 tables in my Airtable and this would mean that I should need to add 100 Data List Viewers in my project, and I don’t think this is an option for me. In addition, if I add a new table the users will need to update the App ahead of being able to use the data in the new table.

Hence, is there any way we could change the “Table’s name” with block?

As far I can see the answer should be NO, but wanted to check if there is any workarounds, or plan from the Thunkable team to add this option for our use.


I can’t speak to whether or not this will be added in the future, but this is currently not an option. If I am understanding you correctly, you were wishing to use one data list viewer with multiple sources. Each viewer is bound to a source, and you aren’t able to change that source during app runtime. I don’t know the kind of data you were trying to pull, but are your sheets similar? Could you possibly use a local table and just pull data from the air table to the local table? Depending on how big the table is, this could slow some things down during run time, but it would at least allow you to use a central source of information.

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The issue is not as simple as the table name, but there are binding columns as a result of the table name change do things will be more complicated.

If your tables are all having same column names then you can create a local table which you will, at run time, clear the table and populate it with the required data. This means you need one DVL.

In the other hand, you can revert to the clone/create blocks to imitate a DVL but you will need to fill it with relevant data and create row by row.

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Thanks both for the clear answers. My app is currently working with local DVL but it needs a lot of memory and time to fill the local DVL (on iPhone 12 it works perfectly, however on Samsung S9 it’s really slow).

In addition, on Samsung S9 when the app fills in item by item, sometimes (I guess with large images - 1000x1000 and above) the app become even slower and the images are not shown. On iPhone 12 it works perfectly.

Do you have any clue on this?

P. S. The app simply filters “all rows” from my airtable (around 10,000 items) into a local DVL. Indeed, another issue is that to get all items the app requires too much time.

This is why I wanted to find a solution for this.

However, if the only possibility is to create 100 tables in airtable, I think I will go with that.

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I’m not clear what kind of situation you have but judging of what you are describing let me show you a different way in Airtable to make things quicker without having to create 100 different tables.

In Airtable, you could apply filters and sorts to make it faster for your app to retrieve chunk of rows.

Let me use this example

This is a sample table that I want to extract data from based on grade so the first step is to create a view inside Airtable

Now I have the default grid and the newly created grid

While I am viewing the new grid, I can apply filters on the grid to display a specific grade, for example grade 7 student.


The result is a new grid view listing students in grade 7 only
The next thing is to rename the grid name to something descriptive like Grade 7

Now we go to Thunkable side and link the Data Source which is Airtable but we activate the option that is usually ignored (Grid View)

See that I’m binding the table Student to the DVL but it only shows the data matching my filter criteria.

Hope that helps you to find a solution to your problem.

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@muneer - many many thanks for all this really clear explanation! I didn’t know this Airtable’s functionality! :slight_smile:

This would help me to not create too many different tables - but I would still need to create 100 data sources within the app (even if the headers of the columns are equal between the different views created). Is that correct?

If so, I think that it would be great if the Thunkable team could provide this function - meaning to change data source thanks to a DVL’s block.

Thanks once again @muneer for all your suggestions! And I look forward to your response on the point above.

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