[Solved] Problem with Data Viewer List and Airtable

How can I allow each user to have their individual data displayed using Airtable and Data Viewer List, rather than a shared list?

To elaborate, users type their information in a Text Input and then click a Submit button. Their information is stored in Airtable and displayed through the Data Viewer List component in Thunkable. The issue I am facing is that the Data Viewer List is connected to the same table in Airtable for all devices. This means everyone’s data is displayed in the same Data Viewer List and all users would share the same list, however, I want an individual list per device.

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Here is the link to the project: Thunkable

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A solution to this is to connect a local table with the Data Viewer List and save into it the recorders that make true a specific condition.

@digital_dynamite Here is an example of blocks that is doing that

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Thank you so much!

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