Unable to remix a shared project

One of my friends has shared a project link with me which she has made. I am not able to remix the project by clicking on ‘Click to remix’. It has happened with a few other projects as well. I get the following error when I click on ‘Click to remix’ or ‘Make a copy’:

Save remix error

Problem communicating with server. HTTP status: 500, server message:

@domhnallohanlon @wei @Thunkable_Staff
Please help resolve this as the project needs to be worked on in collaboration. Thanks

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I suggest you first check with your friend that the project shared is not marked as “Private” and if not then contact Thunkable support directly from the chat balloon on the designer screen.

Happy Thunking

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Hello @muneer, thank you for your kind suggestion, but yes, I have confirmed with the sender. The project is not private, and the chat balloon is not visible on the screen before remixing the project as shown in the below screenshot. So I would still need help with the given error code from the @Thunkable_Staff team.

(Chat balloon not visible as shown below)

Here’s the error I get @Thunkable_Staff


hard refresh the site

Tried multiple times… still doesn’t work. @eko.devs.apploroceo

wow seems strange
i guess error with link

The project seems to work fine on Live test etc. So looks like the link too is fine…

Any help from @Thunkable_Staff would be really appreciated.

no maybe users gets wrong url or say him to try on other browser apps

@eko.devs.apploroceo I am pretty sure the link is correct

try from other devices

Hi @dishanklz6pq,

Now that you have the screenshot of the error, use any other project you have and write to the support using the chat bubble. They respond much faster this way.

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