Unable to open my previous app. Debug issue

This is my app share link.
in case the link above not working

I finished this country searching information in the past few months. And it works just fine.

But recently I found that it can’t use. And after checking, I not sure what’s the problem. Is it the api ? or the blocks have issues ?

Please help me check how to debug this app. Thank you.

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i experienced the same issue. try downloading .APK file

@Thunkable_Staff should solve it.
and the website is not working.

I have changed your function that loads in the start of the app to show the error message in the search input field this way

The result is

Is that mean the website is not found?
So should I change another Api ? Or try to reconnect again.

Sorry I still confuse about what exactly is the problem.

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At the moment, the API website in the app is not reachable. You can try another website but you might need to change how you fill your list.

Alright I will try to see any other free country API option out there.

Not sure the list problem, I try to experiment in it first. Thank you!

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