[SOLVED]Code problem apk bug

the situation is The program can run normally on Thunkable live, but after downloading the apk file, it will display keep stopping. If you separate the various pages in the program, and then download the apk file, they can run again, but as long as they are combined together, they cannot be opened. Please tell me the code Where is the syntax wrong?https://x.thunkable.com/copy/71029cc6d2568dcfd95ba4adabab9c03

Hello @fiona30422le
Thank you for sharing your project.
I will try to find out what is causing the issues.
Just to be sure, what do you mean by “separate the various pages”?
How did you test that?

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Thank you so much!!
It means that I copy one function of the project and open a new project to test it if it can work

Hello @fiona30422le
Could you please check this app?

Thank you so much! It works!!!

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So glad to hear things are working for you now!