Unable to find "from" block for local DB

Hello, i’m new here and have been spending days trying to find the green from block that allows you to update items from a local DB.

Many thanks for any help.
Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 09.02.43


SnP version:
… i dont use DnD so i cant answer for that.


Can you explain more?
The image you shared has nothing to do with Local DB. If you are referring to the Label block then please note that the from is not used anymore in the coding blocks and was replaced by set
However, the blocks remain the same.

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Hi @johareatworkb4c
There is a update in the codes of Thunkable
as the code is changed like ‘from Community set text to "How do I …?’
Now the code is changed like this ’ set Community 's Text to “How do I …?”
They are only Grammatically changed