Unable to call data from Firebase

Hey, I’m letting you a video of my listviewer disappearing, can’t explain :frowning:
Can someone help ? Thanks !


It only disappears with these blocks on strangely, what are wrong with them ?

Strange. Is icloud this a recent problem or was this gimp there before.?

I don’t know I just finished

It’s difficult to tell without more context (i.e. what else is going on in the app) but one thing I would make sure and do is make sure you check the 'error' blocks before inserting into the 'List'. Another thing to try is to pull out blocks (especially the list insert blocks) one by one and see if/when the List Viewer stops disappearing. Then you’ll know what the offending block is. Similarly you could pull all the blocks out and start putting them back in one at a time until the List Viewer starts disappearing. Once again, then you’ll know what the offending block is.

Gonna do this keeping you updated

Hey, it shows me the error “undefined”

(I deleted this post because the blinking / disapearing problem fixed by itself strangely)


On this other screen I made it shows me and gathers the informations I want :confused:


I found the problem. It is in the friend variable. It doesn’t recognize numbers (In blue) as a text…he can’t do that. Am I right ? If yes, what is the workaround for this issue please ?

But it’s strange because here : image I use the variable with a stored Number and not Text but it still works and my data is called. Is this linked to the use of RealtimeFB ?

That’s the most detailled I could do :slight_smile:

This was the solution.