Retrieve data on list view from realtime DB give undifiend

hi every one i am new in using thunk-able X i am trying to recreate my project in classic thunkable in X platform. i search all the topic that related to my topic but it didnt solve my issue .
the problem that i need to get value from firebase and show it in list view but it didnt work , some times give me each letter in single raw and some times give undefined .i will send an image for my firebase data and my blocks.
any one can help.
thank you in advance


Hi I don’t understand too well, but to get a list of the tags of your database you have to use the block call “get object properties of” something like this … is an example but you have to learn a bit more about using the objects blocks maybe read the blocs or maybe give a better example to understand more what you are doing!

hi daniel and thank you for your reply .
your solution i try it but it didnt work also .my goal is to get data from firebase and then put it in a list view , it was working normally in classic platform, the fire base contains data as a list . i will send you an link of my project to test .

Nice! This way I can help you better … I know what you want to do but don`t know exactly the codes you are using

Here is a version that works Thunkable

remember you need to fill back in your api key and details to connect your firebase to this project once you remix

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thank Shiver for your reply .
i will test it and i will back to you .

hi shiver i am sorry to say the get blocks it didn’t work .
i don’t know why and what is the reason ?

you should read a bit more about how the objects works so you can work with them easily

this is an example let me know if it worked

HI daniel

kindly it works but it gives empty raw with out data .
can u test it plz i already connected to firebase so now u can save data and test it.