Why does this happen, is it a bug or an issue in my blocks?

this is my original code block

and it doesn’t seem to be working
so I did this

this happens

and I’ve tried refreshing multiple times and it just doesn’t seem to work

so is it a bug or is there something wrong with the blocks
I’m a non techie so I don’t understand these things much

You now have three separate topics about this issue. It’s confusing for me to try and help you because the information I need is in those other topics. It’s generally best to post more details on the original topic so that we can follow along with what has already been suggested.

Telling us “it just doesn’t seem to work” is not enough information to help you. What is it supposed to do? What does it actually do? What does the Firebase data look like and have you included it as text in the post?

Here are the other two topics: How to show specific information from a table of real time firebase database - #2 by marion.dorsett and How to create relative search - #4 by marion.dorsett

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yes sorry my bad