Internal error generating code for blocks, Pls help

I’ve got this error, AND I NEED TO FIX IT. I have a competition that I participated in and last sub. date is 30th. I NEED to fix this. Pls help if you know how to fix.

Hi @rohan.narahari35ad :wave:

Welcome to the Thunkable Community! To begin, can you try doing a hard refresh and let me know whether or not that works for you.

Also, I notice that you’ve tagged this post “Firebase” - are you using the realtimeDB or the sign in component? How do you know that this is responsible for the issue?

Finally, please don’t type in “ALL CAPS” - I understand that you are keen to resolve the issue, but typing in caps is like shouting, and is considered poor ettiquite.


Oof sorry I am new to the thunkable community, for the first question, yes, I’ve tried hard refreshing the page. For the second question, I tagged this firebase mainly because I thought it is necessary to mention, yes, I’ve used both the firebase and sign in component. Finally I want to thank the thunkable team for having such wonderful staff members that actually care about the community!! Pls mention whether this is enough info. to help

can you PM my your project link so I can take a closer look?


PM? May I know the full form?

This is the place where the error comes, when I drag the item part to the end the set component, it displays the error. Sorry but I don’t know how to PM you.

personal message/private message (just to keep your project confidential) - but you mightn’t need to send me anything actually…

… can you try removing the ’ in your variable name? i.e _THATS_ instead of _THAT'S_?


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Ok great, I will try right now!

omg!! It worked!! thank you so much!!

Can we rate how helpful the staff has been? Cause I really want to give you 10/10 :frowning: please tell me

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