HELP list viewer Firebase

hi guys, someone can tell me what happened and how to solve it. Please give me an answer as soon as possible.
I also leave you an image of the command:


Incorrect work with the list as a result of which the lines are broken by letters, and not by list items

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Hi actech, I didn’t understand very well, what you mean. I’ve been working on it for days and I’m not understanding. Could you give me an example or indicate the block I made wrong?
Thank you so much

Hi Luca,

I answered you in a personal message

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@actech were you able to find a solution for this?

I cannot mark this question as solved yet, because Luca has not yet answered me. If he answers me and I can solve his problem, then I will change the status to resolved.

@mendini.luca.a.f.tio have you made any progress or had any luck with this?


tengo el mismo problema, podrias ayudarme

You can see samples on scrFirebase or scrJSON

Hello @mendini.luca.a.f.tio

Please check out the video in this link. This question has Been asked and answered before in this forum already.

And this comment is helpful.

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