Two problems with my app

I downloaded the android version of my app to try on my tablet (I have an iPhone but an android tablet) and when I downloaded it on the tablet I noticed that the screen cuts off and doesn’t scroll (see screenshot). I looked at my app and I noticed the first screen doesn’t have it scrollable (that screen is fine on my tablet), but the other screens were marked scrollable and cut off. If I change it to non scrollable on the other screens will that fix it? Also I want to share the app with other android users I know, but I don’t want to publish it because it’s not very professional. If I hit share will it share without using one of my 2 downloads for the month? I already used one for my tablet and it doesn’t work. I don’t want to waste my last download for the month in case it doesn’t work. Thanks

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The only way to allow users to install your app is to make the APK file shareable. You can, for your testing purposes, upload your APK to your Google drive then share it with the group of testers you intend to work with.

Each of the testers will need to download your APK and install it in his/her device.

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