Trouble initialization variable


as part of internal tests I installed my application on a colleague’s device I find the modifications in real time “magical” and well it was magic in one direction only: when he added an element I did seen appear on my screen when I added an element nothing appeared on its screen
I don’t understand it’s the same version of the application
Where can it come from ?

Without details, we really can’t help you!


I thank you for your interest (once again) in my difficulties
cloud variables it seems simple and yet I wonder if thunkable is for me
still related to the use of the when cloud variable initializes or change

my main screen displays a kind of DVL
however I initialize the variable cloud at the time of the user’s login and the DVL data is displayed twice in the main screen and when I deactivate the blocks the data is displayed only once

it’s as if I could do without the data reading blocks when my screen initializes

I appreciate that you included a screenshot of your blocks but it’s too small / low resolution to read.

Also, which blocks in that screenshot are the ones you’re having problems with or wondering about? Can you possibly circle/highlight them in the screenshot?

the first screenshot shows me the data but I don’t have an update

the second screenshot shows me the data and I have the update (to check if it is for all devices)

my blocks were like below until this morning

and i don’t understand why i can’t leave them like that

update :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I realized that I had to use this last configuration with almost the same blocks and I have twice the data
I have a variable initialization problem

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