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A user of one of my apps just asked why it contains these trackers after scanning with Exodus-Privacy scanner. I dont have any ads or anything that might require trackers so i guess I am asking the same question?

4 trackers

We have found code signature of the following trackers in the application:


analytics profiling

Facebook Flipper


Google AdMob


Google Firebase Analytics


A tracker is a piece of software meant to collect data about you or your usages. Learn more…

@wei @domhnallohanlon ?

@matt_conroy ?

Hi @martint, thanks for flagging me, I had not seen this post before. Is this user downloading your app on iOS or Android? Could you link us the specific app they downloaded?

Hi Conroy, After this user pointed it out I have checked all my apps built with Thunkable and they all contain similar trackers etc some more than others.

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Thanks for sharing, @martint. We’re going to take a look at this–Flipper is widely used for debugging during the development of apps but it’s not intended to be something that is in your app once it’s downloaded.

I’ll let you know what we find!

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