Today I learned something had changed, 10 hours too late

today, at 7:50 pm, here on the eastern side of the united states, i learned, after setting up and fleshing out a massive table for automotive manufacturer codes, that the “get cell” function no longer exists, and i cannot use this spreadsheet for literally anything. im not even blaming anyone or yelling at the devs, because its entirely my own fault for making this before i pulled the new function…


Do you mean the Get Value block shown below?

It’s in the legacy interface but may have been removed from the new drag-and-drop interface.

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@bluerfox15uht9, @tatiang get cell was a block in the Airtable component. Now that the component is removed and made part of Data Sources that specific block is not anymore available along with other blocks such as the “GetAllRows” block.

Ah, okay, I do remember those blocks. Wonder why they’re missing?

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I guess to unify the Data Sources access regardless of which one you used.

So, Firebase is used through cloud variables.
However, in the case of Local Data Source, Airtable and Google sheets then they are used through [Data Sources] components.

Just a thought.

Are we talking about the new Drag & Drop UI?
All still available in the original fast, flexible, easy to use interface.
Hope the original UI is staying as I will be stuck without these features.

seems like it just didn’t show for me, plus side i have an app that can now tell you were your car was made if you punch in the first few digits of the vin number.

and yea, its not in the new interface anymore