TipTrainer: Your Tip Giving Tutor (iOS & Android)



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Tired of pulling out your phone every time you need to tip?

Me too! I searched high and low for an app that would help me practice calculating tips, and I could not find one. That’s why I created TipTrainer!

3 Great Features:

#1 - Calculate

Helps you quickly calculate a tip based on a percentage and easily adjust the tip percentage amount.

#2 - Practice

Gives unlimited opportunities to practice different tip percentages from randomly generated dollar amounts.

#3 - Learn

Teaches you the simplest methods to calculate the most common tip amounts WITHOUT a calculator.


I want to thank the Thunkable Team for their awesome work creating Thunkable Cross-Platform. It is super-duper cool that a guy like myself is able to create a complete app for both iOS and Android. I’m also thankful for the Thunkable documentation and this great Thunkable Community!

I came up with 90% of the app on my own, but the design was highly influenced by this design demo.


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Happy Coding!

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How does your app solve this problem that people have?



The Learn section teaches you mental math strategies so that you can calculate the percentages in your head instead of using a calculator.

The Practice section makes it easy to practice doing these calculations in your head.

The goal of both of these is to build the user’s confidence so that they can calculate a certain tip percentage without pulling out their calculator.


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