Zam ve İndirim uygulaması

Zam ve indirim yapan bir uygulamaya ihtiyacım var ve yarın sınava giricem :confused:

From Google Translate:

I need an app that gives a raise and a discount and I’m going to take the exam tomorrow :confused:

There aren’t enough details here to help you. What have you tried? What is working so far, what are you having trouble with exactly? Share a project link as well.

I only have the design, when I press the button it has to calculate, but I don’t know how to do it

You’re asking us to make the whole app for you. That’s not going to happen. So you need to get started, provide a project link so we can see your progress, and ask a specific question about one part of the project. Or you can pay someone to build the app for you! As a teacher, I can’t recommend that but it’s your choice…

Can you at least help me on how to start?i really need this.

If you Google math Thunkable, you will find a link to the documentation and to tutorials and videos. You can also Google calculator Thunkable for related results.

Again, you’ll have to get started and share what you have and then someone here can help to fix anything that isn’t working.

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