Percentage calculating app

Good day thunkers…can anyone help out on how to make an app that can actually tell you the percentage of any figure entered.
Just thinking if it’s possible let somebody help.
Thanks in advance**

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You’ll need two variables, one for each figure you enter.

Then divide one by the other and multiply by 100.

Set the answer to however many decimal places you need.


You can do just about any math calculation using Thunkable. I would recommend playing around with the math blocks and the text input block to see what you can figure out. Post a screenshot and any questions you have and someone can help you.

Or do you mean a 2-dimensional “figure” like a drawing of something? That would actually be a lot harder.

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I will just try that out and see what I can get

Thanks for the tip

I think you should visit @darren’ s Youtube channel. See his 1st app named -: Tip Trainer
maybe you will get some clues :slightly_smiling_face:

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True,but no clue there bro

Can you please describe whether it worked or not…

Sorry, but in my opinion first seek your problem in tutorials, then search community or make a topic. If all of these does not solve your problem then GET READY for figuring out yourself. I also sometimes can not get answers properly but there is always a way…

Good Luck!

Yes I know…

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I’ve also discovered some stuff without asking anyone for ideas or way through.

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Yep, I think that Is true…

I’ve gotten the solution to the post… Only add to Google on how to calculate percentage without a percentage button on a CALCULATOR device.

Are you trying to convert a fraction to a percentage?

Can you give an example of a math problem that would be solved using your project?

Such as 3/5=?%

Or 0.25=?%

Is the user entering a numerator and denominator? Or something else? What would they put in for GetP and GetW?

Turning something into a percent of something that you will do manually with thunkable. You need to divide one number by another number. Multiply your results by 100. Extend the decimal place out two points. Add a percent sign to the number.

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