Calculator doubts in building a calculator

Hello, I’m building a calculator and I’m having trouble implementing%, negative numbers and insert point. if anyone knows how to help thank :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

The modulo operation % can be carried out with the ‘find remainder of X / Y’ block.

Negative numbers can be created and manipulated just like positive numbers.

With regards to ‘insert point’ - what are you trying to do exactly?


@jane 'm trying to make a calculator. I want to write in the calculator for example 1.3 + 1 = 2.3. but what actually happens is 1.3 + 1 = 2

Hello there,
Can this help you?

(it’s from Thunkable Classic, but you may give a try)

Thanks for the tutorial but this I have already done and works perfect. what I need to add and this tuturial does not have and calculate negative numbers and add points to the numbers