How to modulo ? Is this title too short now?

hey, where can i get the modulo block ?
there is this one but I don’t understand how it’s work:
if i’m not wrong it should return “4” , but i get “0” .

There is a ceilling/floor block in the doc but nothing in the thunkable site.

Show your blocks.

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hey, thats pretty much the block, and his interaction.

Do you ever change Label 1 to anything else?

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I think you’ll need to post a link to your project. Because those math blocks are rock solid. There’s something else we can’t see that’s causing the problem.

You’re also fitting a lot of code into a when text input changes block. If you’re typing numbers quickly, that might not work so well.

And yes, remainder of 64 ÷ 10 equals 4.

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It’s a really fast made project, not optimal at all, I’ll post the project as soon as possible.
It’s a greater/less kind of game, there is a random generated number and you need to find it, but thanks to two little quotes at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to know this number.


It looks like it’s working. Label1 has the value 4 when I preview the project and start typing numbers.

Because those remainders won’t change, you should set the remainder values when the screen opens rather than when the text input changes. Otherwise, you’re just calculating those same values over and over again as the user types in numbers.

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Got it, thanks