Displaying decimal without the "." issue

Hello all, I’m having an issue figuring this one out. How can I display the remainder of a number as a number without the “.”? for instance, the remainder of 100.34 / 100 is .34. I need to display it as 34, without the “.” I’ve tried split at, and remained. I know this is probably very easy but I’m struggling. Thanks


Use block from Lists group “make list with delimiter” and block “in list get #2”. Delimiter = “.”.

Thanks. What platform are you using? I don’t see these blocks in Thunkable.

I use Thunkable X.You asked your question in the discussion of Thunkable X.

opps. My bad. Let me go into X. Thanks.

Is it possible to create these blocks in classic Thunkable?

Yes, using the “split” block.

Check it.


Nice, my app is working they way I planned it now. Thank you #actech

Good morning. This solution works well when the number does not end with a “0”, example 40, or 60. Wen it does end with a “0” the number will display as 4 (should br 40) or 6 when it should be 60. Do you know how I could force it to display the whole number? Thanks.

Good morning.

Check it