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Greetings, this is a silly question, but I reached a point where I need help, I need to eliminate the decimals of a project, not rounding, eliminating in this way a 6.9 becomes 6, since the rounding transforms it into 7 and that for the list that I am making causes errors in the calculations of the active units, does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?

Hey ruben, what about this block?

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doesn’t work, it rounds everything, I need to eliminate or ignore the decimal, that way 6.5 is 6, or in another example 6.9 is 6 not 7
in all tests the system forces me to work with the closest number, even rounding down transforms 6.8 into 7, I need it to be 6

The block works properly for me

Show a screenshot of your blocks. Because the math blocks are rock solid in Thunkable with the exception of a known issue with adding decimals:

Are any of the values you’re rounding possibly text strings? Are you using text input for the numbers? If so, you need to convert them to numbers by adding zero to them.

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