How to display just 3 digits after the comma

hello , i’ve made this programme but i want it to display the results in textinput2 and textinput7 just 3 digits after the comma . For example 146.43259 i want it to be displayed as 146.432
this is the programme :

i need it it details please . thank you

This should work @dbce961342f010d5b2f4.

Here is a share link to the project:

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hello thank you but i’m using thunkable cross platform not the classic , how can i do it there. thank you

Hello , thank you for your reply , i’m begginer in this , can i share the link of the project and you do it for me please ? here is the link :
i want the number in textinput2 and textinput7 to be displayed just 3 digits after the comma
thank you so much


Everything is simple enough.

  1. In the function you pass the result of division.
  2. Create a list by dividing the input argument by the symbol “.” There are two entries in the list.
  3. Copy the first 3 characters from the second record and attach it to the first record through the point.

Do you understand this algorithm or show blocks? You can do this and with text blocks.

i’m a beginner , here is the link of the project could you help me with it ?
thank you

Sorry, I’ll do it now.

okey bro thank you so so much i’m waiting

Check it.

Do you need to always have 3 digits or no more than three after the point? If there are always 3 digits, I will correct the example.

i nedd no more than three after the point

i tried the programme on my mobile but when i press calculate the screen froze !

This is because I’m editing project. Now try to open it.

Now, the default keyboard is used to enter the price. I would change it to digital, so that when entering numbers there were fewer errors (now instead of the price you can enter text).

thank you so so much bro , but why i can’t download it as an android app from the link you’ve gave to me ?

Have you made a copy of this project? You want it to look in Thunkable Live on Android or install a .apk?


i want to install apk

Select Download Android App and save apk on PC. Copy it to Android and install.

Universal function