Cashier's Friend app now available on Google Play

I just completed my second app. It’s called Cashier’s Friend. It was made entirely with Thunkable and Photoshop. It’s a mathematical app that help everyone that deals with giving change back to customers. It’s a very simple app. Enter the change you need to give back and hit “Calculate”. The app is a graphical representation of the exact number of coins you need to return. If you don’t have any quarters, for instance, you tap “No Quarters” and it will recalculate to show how many more dimes and nickels to return. Continue, if needed, until you get down to just pennies. Please check it out an let me know what you think. Thanks for all your help.


Has anyone installed my app yet? I am looking forward to your feedback. Thanks

I did. Very helpful indeed.
If I have to point something that may be fixed, it would be this:

You can select NO QUARTERS, and NO DIMES together, and the total will be calculated with nickels and pennies. But if I select first NO DIMES and then NO QUARTERS, it starts using dimes again.

Is that how you want it to work, or it’s a bug?

I see that glitch. Thanks. I will address the math. See, it’s good to have a second set of “developer” eyes.

I fixed the math in the app. It now works the way it is intended. Thanks for that catch.

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