ThX vs AI2 and scan results


I can’t get ThX to display the Device Name that I need. When I use AI2 and LIghtBlue the device name appears as expected.

I’m looking for any feedback on something to try.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


I’m trying to convert my AI2 app to ThX. The AI2 app has been up and running but I’m trying to get the ThX scan to display the Device Names…this has been a quest and consumed a lot of time with minimal success. I’m getting to the point that I’m starting to think if it’s worth the effort but not quite there.

So, I have 3 Device name outputs:
1. AI2
2. ThX
3. LigntBlue
along with there respective code.

1. is the AI2 output.
Phone screen image:

The ESP32 device is labelled: DS18B20 ESP32, that’s the device name I want to connect.

2. is the ThX output:
Phone screen image:

Notice that at the top of the list viewer there are 2 rows that are blank. This is because the 2 DevIDs that are printed at the bottom are unnamed.

3. the screen shot for LightBlue is:

Notice that the 2DevIDs printed in the ThX label just below the Scan button in the ThX screen shot. Also, notice that my Device Name of DS18B20 ESP32 was picked up by LightBlue.

@jackmanjlskmv1xe does the Device Names block actually return a list?

It seems that the IDs are returned without issue to the label. To troubleshoot, why not add another label to see how the data are formatted?