Doesnt show BLE devuces names

Hi. The device names after a BLE Scan depicts a list viewer with void instead of names. Id’s are ok but names can’t show up

device - Honor 8 pro(With apps, developed with Thunkable original there is no issues)
firmware - latest

Here’s a simple app that works. Click on the scan and wait 10 seconds for scan to complete. If the BLE devices that show on the list are not broadcasting a name, then the app shows “no name given” in the list for that device. If the device has a name, then it shows the name.

It was made by user jared, but i copied it to my projects so that i could send you a share link.

Original: Thunkable

Keep in mind that many BLE devices around you do NOT have names. I got tired of looking at long lists of “no name given”, so I remixed this app so that it would ignore any beacons that did not have names.

My remix: Thunkable