I can't build my app with Thunkable X

I just don’t think that ThX is quite there. There are several really nice features but I can’t seem to get past the basics. I have a design that I implemented for Android in both AI2 and Android Studio. Both designs work and do exactly the same thing.

About 10 days ago I started working on ThX. Here’s what I found:

  1. I found immediately, that the documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. I used Youtube vids, by Thunkable, to find my way around ThX but couldn’t get the presentation to work,. It was very simple presentation. I used the exact Design/Blocks.

  3. The Chat is a joke. I posted twice to the chat room and waited 6 and then 7 hours on 2 separate days.

  4. The Discuss (Cross Platform) also was not helpful…it’s tough to get a response, lots of views but no responses. Seems to be a problem with others.

For me…at this point It’s just not a viable option. There are way to many hurdles to overcome.

It sounds like you’ve had an unfortunate experience. That’s a bummer. I’ve had to learn that the help chat is ran by 3-5 people a day. That’s not a lot of people to accurately help/diagnose/fix the likely hundreds of messages/issues they receive a day.

Looks like you have a two hour read time and only read 37 Posts. Perhaps reading through more material and studying the examples of others would be helpful? I wonder if you have completed all of the tutorials related to Bluetooth components or the others you are trying to use? It stinks you’re having a hard time, but I also wonder why you came here in the first place? ThX is a wonderfully powerful cross platform app builder for those who don’t know other languages like flutter or React Native. It takes time to perfect the system and learn to code in a new language.

Lastly, I wonder what would happen in the perfect outcome scenario for you we’re you to not leave the Thunkable platform?
[I don’t mean any of this to offend. Instead, I hope it is perceived as trying to be helpful to all parties. The admins on this site just can’t get to every last question and I’m not sure if any of them have the title of “Absolute Fixer” but also there must be some level of expectation that the users put in the leg work and research the topic they are working on. Imagine what it was like trying to learn coding pre-internet or some cool blue chat button in the bottom right of the window…]


Thanks for your candid feedback @jackmanjlskmv1xe

Would you mind sharing some screenshots of this design? Thunkable X has quite a lot of options, but admittedly it can sometimes be hard to find the one you want.

Would love to know how we can improve here. Completely agree that docs are super important and happy to take on feedback here.

Would you mind letting me know which tutorial you’re referring to? We might need to update something on our end? Thanks!

I personally working on the chat, our average response time, during office hours, is 2 hours but if you’ve reached out on the weekend, or depending on your timezone responses may be slower. Sincere apologies if we haven’t lived up to your expectations here.

I’m a little biased here, but I think our community are amazing. There are generally very few unanswered questions and by and large Thunkers are super positive, knowledgeable and helpful. Any chance you can link to these unanswered posts?

Thanks Jack!


domh…thanks for the reply.

Look at 2 posts titled:

  1. BLE Scan…no devices found
  2. ThX vs Ai2 and scan results

these will give you a real good idea on what the issue is.

jared…thanks for the response

I have done a HUGE amount of research on BT. I have implemented BT in both AI2 and Android Studio (java). The biggest issue I had was not getting any device names when I scanned with ThX.

Keep in mind that none of this is new to me. Although the amount of hours I spent on the ThX site I focused more on Youtube and google searches, some of those google searches led me to the ThX…take my word for it, when I say, I put in a considerable amount of time trying to resolve my issues but just couldn’t seem to make the connection :wink:

domh also responded and wanted to know the details of my issues. I pointed him to 2 topics that I have in the Discuss(Cross Platform).

The perfect outcome for me would be to get my app implemented in ThX. Thx has some really neat features that I could leverage off. I’ve been using AI2 for several years and am comfortable with it so I thought it would be relatively easy transition to ThX.

And finally…the Thx “Live” feature is more than fantastic as well as UI customization features for professional apps. I well versed in AI2 and I can see where ThX could easily be the next “goto” platform.

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jared…is the source code for Thx bluetooth available?

If it is I could troubleshoot my issue. Is that possible?

Their source code is not available. However, if you post about this appropriately on the github, you will likely get a quicker response from the Thunkable developers.

Maybe post your latest blocks you’ve tried?

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Hi again @jackmanjlskmv1xe,

I fully appreciate how frustrating it can be when things don’t work the way you expect them to in your project. That being said, I’d like to draw your attention to our #communityguidelines and in particular How to ask Great Questions as I feel that the advice in this guideline will dramatically improve your chances to getting answers to your questions.

In your previous posts you mentioned:

Just FYI you can actually post the links to these posts directly in your message. This will definitely help with getting timely and relevant feedback.

Simply click on the :link: button at the bottom of each post to get your sharing link.

So the posts you were referring to were:


Having taken a closer look at your post, I’m now not entirely sure what motivated you to write this:

It seems that Jared responded to your first post in just over 2 hours and I responded to your third post in 45 minutes?

Finally, just to go back to my original questions:


Your feedback is important to make the platform better for everyone.