Thunkable X Uploading Images to Dropbox Using Camera and Dropbox API

I’m about 3 days into working with Thunkable and I’m basically new to all of this, so apologies in advance for this first post!

I’m trying to have my app take a picture and upload it to dropbox at the press of a button.

I got this to work in Thunkable Classic using this example from Taifun

But then I could not replicate the code in Thunkable Cross-platform.

This is where I’m at (I know it is non-sense right now). It does call the camera and allow me to take an image but then it does not upload that image. I don’t know how to put together those headers with the new interface.

An interesting problem. I’ll think about it.

Thunkable X does not yet have the functionality to solve such a problem. I think it’s easiest to do this via php.