How to Use Clipdrop API in Thunkable?

Hello Everyone!
I want to use Clip Drop as my Image Editing API.
I do not know how to use This API in Thunkable.
This isn’t easy in thunkable for me as it is not a URL API. Please Help.
Please give me What header and parameters should be used.

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I’m not 100% sure what you mean by ‘not a URL API’. You still need to:

  1. Create an API in Thunkable
  2. Use the specific clipdrop endpoint URL in the API config menu for your new API < this is the clipdrop inpainting endpoint for example
  3. Set the API key in Thunakble to match your clipdrop API key
  4. Set the API’s body to match the inputs required by the endpoint
    in the above case it’s the url of an image file and a mask file
  5. Make a post request

Specifically to answer your question though:

Authorization: Bearer {YOUR API KEY HERE}
Content-Type: application/json



Can You Please Please Give me a screenshot of the image OF BLOCKS and Webapi?

Look you’re going to need to meet us halfway here and do some leg work too.
Here’s a start but if you post what you have right now then we’ll be able to help more:


When I run The Code, The text shows that I have provided no API Key.

Your Authorization should be “Bearer” followed by a space followed by your API key. As an example, if your API key was 34R5T, then your Authorization string would be Bearer 34R5T.

Make sure there are no extra spaces or punctuation. In your screenshot (as well as the screenshot above it), there are a colon : and brackets { } that should not be there.


Still, It is Showing No API Provided

Are these under the Headers section?


Have you been able to get this API call working in Postman or another 3rd-party API client? That’s a good first step before working with an API in Thunkable.

Yes, These are In Header Section.

Why my Authentication was showing Wrong?

the documentation gives this example

curl -X POST
-H ‘x-api-key: YOUR_API_KEY’
-F ‘image_file=@image.jpg’
-F ‘mask_file=@mask.png’
-o result.png

so your header block should be as shown below:


So where will Be the Image URL?

use the same way you did , using set web_api body

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Still, it shows an Error

Please Help.

you were supposed to use the header block like i showed


you changed it

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Still showing an Error.

you didnt change the header block - it’s still the same

here’s yours:

here’s mine


Also After changing

Can you please give me the Project Link so I can Check It Out?

your header block contains ‘generate json block from object’ - please take that out

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