Thunkable x sound property contains no minimum interval

In thunkable classic the sound property contains minimum interval so that I can set sound starts with zero lag, but in thunkable x there is no such function in sound property , sound starts with laggy. Please help. Thanks a lot.

hi @cenny_fung

Where is your sound source - is it a local file or is it being streamed from the internet?

when you say it’s laggy, do you mean when you click a button it takes a seconds to start, or is there a lag between on song ending and another one starting?


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Hi, Domhall ,thank you for your help,

  1. the sound source is on my local storage.
  2. when I click button the sound starts with a little laggy not between two sounds. I compared thunkable classic with thunkable x, they are the same design , same blocks but laggy in thunkable x .

Thanks @cenny_fung.

One last question - is the lag on Thunkable Live or when you install the app on your device?


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Hi, thank you for your reply, the sound lag is on live. Thanks a lot.

This might simply be due to the time taken to send the file to Thunkable Live.

Can you try installing your app directly on your device @cenny_fung and let me know whether that makes a difference?